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2023, Vol. 3, Issue 1, Part B

Preparation and characterization of bigel for tropical application

Author(s): Shaikh Iqra, Vyas Jigar and Upadhyay Umesh

Abstract: These bigels have been the subject of academic research, but none have yet proven to be marketable or commercially viable. Despite the fact that the majority of drug-loaded bigels produced are meant for topical drug delivery, various delivery methods have been proposed in the past. Bigels are a relatively new concept, and the last 10 years have seen a lot of research in this area. the examination of the constituents of bigels (hydrogels and organogels) and the fact that certain of their combinations, such as emulsions, are already well-developed as dosage forms facilitates the construction and characterization of bigels. Research in other fields, including as cosmetics and food technology, has assisted the development of drug delivery bigels and has also offered crucial Topical formulations known as bigels are created by mixing an aqueous (hydrogels) and lipophilic (organogels) system. When applied to the skin, bigel formulations have the chilling effect, increased stratum corneum hydration, moisturising effect, are readily spreadable, include emollients, and are water washable. Bigels are stable oleogel and hydrogel combinations that lack any emulsion stabilizers or surfactants. Aqueous and lipophilic systems are combined at a high shear rate or rpm to create these homogeneous preparations. Bigels are formulated differently from creams and emulgels since they lack a surfactant or an emulsifier. The employment of two gel systems in bigels can have a synergistic effect, such as improving stratum corneum hydration and medication penetration as a result of both the phase oil and water.

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Shaikh Iqra, Vyas Jigar, Upadhyay Umesh. Preparation and characterization of bigel for tropical application. Nat J Pharm Sci 2023;3(1):90-96.

National Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences

National Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences

National Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
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