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2023, Vol. 3, Issue 1, Part A

A Review paper on pharmaceutical potential of Lantana camara Plant

Author(s): Madhav Kumar Singh

Abstract: Lantana plant, in general, is known to be harmful, alien, invasive and dangerous in nature. It causes much ecological and economic loss to farmers due to its toxicity to livestock such as cattle, sheep, horses, dogs, etc. It also affects the cultivation of crops and considered to be a threat to primary production of crops and biodiversity as well. This plant is widely known for its salt tolerance. Lantana camara a species of ornamental flowering plant belonging to the Verbenaceae, it is an erect sprawling or scandent shrub with a short life span and is known for its mass growth along sides of abandoned places, roadsides, and uncultivated lands. This weed is in tropical and wide variety of ecosystems around the globe. This invasive species is known with different names in different countries such as red sage, shrub verbena, yellow sage. The spread of L. camara has been found to cause enormous loss to biodiversity by replacing natural ecosystems and sometimes known to cause total habit alternation. In this review article, we discuss L. camara as a weed, its origin, reproductive bionics, chemical composition, and its pharmaceutical potential as antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-hyperglycemic, anti-oxidant activity, anti-cancer activity and wound healing activity in detail.

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Madhav Kumar Singh. A Review paper on pharmaceutical potential of Lantana camara Plant. Nat J Pharm Sci 2023;3(1):10-15.

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