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2022, Vol. 2, Issue 1, Part A

Formulation development of medicated Bigels for management female genital infection

Author(s): Nensi Raytthatha, Jigar Vyas and Isha Shah

Abstract: Background: Bigels are innovative semi-solid compositions that have piqued the curiosity of numerous academics and researchers due to their major advantages above conventional gels. The purpose of this study was to develop & evaluate innovative bigels for vaginal drug delivery of an antifungal drug (Clindamycin and terbinafine) by mixing Xanthan gum hydrogel with oil (sesame oil and olive oil) based organogel. Result: The bigel prepared using olive oil-based organogel and Xanthan gum hydrogel (4%) was shown to be stable for more than 90 days. The gels displayed a fibre-like structure due to the trapping of the organogel inside hydrogel molecules; this trapping was proved to be uniformly done, resulting in formulation stability.Conclusion: When clindamycin and terbinafine, the preferred therapy for bacterial vaginosis, were loaded in bigels, it exhibited diffusion-mediated drug release. In point of fact, the developed bigels might be employed as delivery vehicles for medications administered vaginally to treat vaginal infections.

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Nensi Raytthatha, Jigar Vyas, Isha Shah. Formulation development of medicated Bigels for management female genital infection. Nat J Pharm Sci 2022;2(1):48-53.

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