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2021, Vol. 1, Issue 1, Part A

Unani perspective of Nasal Polyps (Bawaseer ul Anf): A literary Review

Author(s): AH Ayshah Fazeenah

Abstract: The Unani System of Medicine is one of the ancient systems of medicine based on the concept of equilibrium and balance of Akhlat (natural body humours). When these humours are normal in quantity, quality and they mixed well together prevail human remains healthy. The imbalance or irregular distribution causes disease. According to Unani literature, Bawaseer al Anf is a growing of excess lahem (muscle) in the nasal cavity which is caused by the accumulation of Ghaleez khilt (thick humour) infiltrated from the anterior part of the brain produces nasal obstruction and discharge from the nose. The features of Bawaseer al Anf correspond with that of nasal polyp in modern medicine. Nasal polyp is a mass of the nasal cavity which are frequently a pedunculated, hypertrophied and oedematous mucosa from the mucous membranes of the nose and paranasal air sinuses. This review aims to highlight the concept of Bawaseer al Anf with special reference to nasal polyps and its management in the Unani system of medicine. Details and facts on nasal polyps were gathered from the Unani classical texts, published journals, PubMed, google scholar, research gate by using words like nasal polyps, Bawaseer al Anf, nasal discharge, nasal obstruction, nasal allergy, nasal voice and quality of life. Then the data were analyzed and summarized.

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AH Ayshah Fazeenah. Unani perspective of Nasal Polyps (Bawaseer ul Anf): A literary Review. Nat J Pharm Sci 2021;1(1):15-19.

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