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2021, Vol. 1, Issue 1, Part A

Molecular Docking Technique

Author(s): Bhawna Poudyal

Abstract: New Molecular docking software is a technique approach which is used mainly in drug design and development and also to perform various analysis process. Molecular docking is a process that involves computerized platforms. It involves combination of molecules where it involves one molecule bound other molecules to form a bound complex with all over minimum energy requirements. It not only involves target binding but also involves identification of correct conformation of ligand within target binding an identifies the strength between the target a ligand. Now a day’s variety of docking programs are available in i.e. (Auto Dock, Auto Dock vina, Le Dock, r Dock, UCSF Dock) which evaluates binding affinity estimation an visualize the different dimensional structure of molecule. In recent years molecular docking technique has good progress in various field it greatly improves the efficacy and reduce the cost. This technique greatly introduces the principles. The main application of molecular Docking is virtual screening. Molecular Docking in Insilco-based structure widely used in drug discovery. It involves identification of novel compounds of therapeutic interest. The applications of Molecular Docking have greatly changed it also side by side illustrate about the newer uses of Docking an as well as prediction of adverse effect, poly pharmacology, drug responses, drug profiling target fielding, a various newer drug discovery approach.

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